Feng Shui Facing Direction of Home

Getting The Facing Direction Of Your House Using The Compass


Before you even start with the process, make sure that you remove all significantly sized metal objects that you may have on you such as jewelry, metal watch, belt with a large metal buckle, etc. This is advised for an accurate reading as those can interfere with the ability of the compass to find and settle on its magnetic north.
Also, make sure that there aren’t large metal objects in the surroundings (about a few feet radius distance) such as parked cars, buildings or even a door or window with a metal frame. This could cause the compass needle to go crazy and not deciding where to settle.

The trick is to avoid anything that could interfere with the normal magnetic field of the compass such as metal which emanates electromagnetic force.

If this is the case that there are metal made objects in close proximity, try to step a bit forward or sideways until you get yourself away from their effects. You can tell by looking at the needle of the compass. If it has calmed down by settling on the magnetic north direction, you are at the right spot. So you are good to go!

Choosing the right location:

Stand on a spot about the center (Fig. 1) of the property’s exterior front wall. Allow more or less three feet distance from that wall.
If the main door happens to be also located in the same side of the house, like most houses are, stand about the same distance away from the door, in a position looking out from that door (Fig. 2).
It is preferable that the door is located around the center of the property’s front wall, otherwise find the center and use that location for the reading. Remember, getting the most accurate reading to determine the facing direction of a house is very important, when it comes to Feng Shui. Everything else that you try to accomplish in Feng Shui thereafter will be based on that reading. If the reading is incorrect, the results for everything else will end up as well incorrect. You don’t want that to happen, obviously! So take your time and do your best.

It is important to note that you must not take a compass reading too far from the property, as certain natural factors can alter the accuracy of the reading. So be as close as possible to the structure which you want to take the reading for. As I had stated previously, three even four feet away from the facing wall is ideal.