Feng Shui Facing Direction of Home

Getting The Facing Direction Of Your House Using The Compass

How should I hold the compass and take the reading?

Hold the compass facing up, on the palm of your hand. Maintain your hand in front of you at the level of your waistline.  Position the compass so that the North direction (N) shown on the compass points outwards, in a straight line in front of you (Fig. 3).

Stay still and allow enough time for the needle (red needle) of the compass to settle on the magnetic north position. When it does, rotate the dial until the North direction (N) aligns with the compass needle resting on the magnetic North (Fig.4).

At this point, look at the reading the compass shows pointing outwards, in front of you. This is the house’s facing direction. 

Take note of the direction or/and the exact degrees that are shown on the compass. On a copy of the floor plan, write the information in the area of the wall where the house faces and add an arrow pointing outwards (Fig. 6). This way, you have a reference for the house’s facing direction.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, there are a total of 24 directions which is known as the 24 Mountains. All those directions (Mountains) are taken into consideration for the audit and assessment of a property’s overall Qi (or energy). I am not going to discuss the 24 directions here at this point. What I am doing right now is a simple tutorial to help you find your house’s basic facing direction so that you know where each of the five elements or energy types reside inside your property, as well as which area of your life each one represents and impacts and once again, in its most basic way. However, I suggest that you do not only take note of the cardinal direction to where your house faces but also the degrees that are shown on the compass. You may need to use it at a later time when you will want to learn how to get a detailed Natal Chart of your property. The table below will help you identify the facing direction of your house based on your compass reading.
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