Feng Shui The 9 Energy Sectors in a Home

According to the Feng Shui, every building, piece of land and even place is entitled to reap of the benefits that come with all the nine energy sectors that are potentially present within it. This is also known as the energy map (or Qi map) of a home, land or area.

The energy sectors are determined by laying a gridded square over the layout of a property following a specific technique. The main square that was subdivided into nine equal parts (by superimposing three equally divided vertical sections with three horizontal ones) to generate the nine quadrants is considered the home’s energy grid or simply, its energy sectors.

A specific set of attributes and a compass direction is assigned to each one of the nine sectors in a property. The location of all the different sectors with their unique qualities and compass directions in a building, piece of land or place vary from property to property as it depends mainly on their facing direction. On a note, the only sector that is not assigned a compass direction is the one in the center, as it does not have any direction associated with it.

The energy sectors in a home are based on a system developed by the sages of this science over two thousand years ago. This system is known as the Bagua, which was created using as its foundation the concept of the two opposites Yin (Female) and Yang (Male) thus, the understanding that everything that exists in our world and in the Universe is the fruit of these two joining forces.

Below is an illustration that I created showing the different energy sectors and the representation (s) of each one of them that impact our lives along with the different compass directions linked with each of the nine sectors.

To learn how to get the facing direction of your property in order to identify where all the nine energy sectors are located in it, see the guide that I put together here.

On a note, the illustration uses the BaGua format, not the square subdivided into the nine quadrants format.

The figure above shows the Nine Energy Sectors also known as the Qi Map, each one with its BASIC attributes and associated compass direction (The Central sector has no associated direction).