Feng Shui Where the Money sector really is

More often than not, when the word “wealth” is mentioned, the thing that comes to the minds of almost all of us is money. It is ok to think so, since having money, especially a large amount of it, is part of being wealthy. However, we all deeply know that being well in all possible ways, being happy, being loved, and many other factors related to those, are just other versions of being wealthy.

Anyway, I am going to magnify the money element here. After all, we live in a material world and money is just a means of exchanging values thus there is nothing wrong about it. So money is good! It is even better in good, loving hands.

Let’s talk Feng Shui! What does this science say about the money sector, more specifically, the “Wealth Sector” in a home? Its basic whereabouts is in the sector of the Bagua (House Gua) where the cardinal direction Southeast sits, according to the compass.

It is not uncommon to hear from various sources everywhere that the Wealth Sector of the Feng Shui is “in the Southeast sector or direction in a home” (and that’s it!), in other times we hear that it is “in the far left little corner of a home or a room…” I am sure that the intention of such sources is good and far from that of deceiving anyone. What I believe is that what was passed around was just the final product of what was learned or even probably how the initial information was interpreted. After all, the Chinese language isn’t an easy one and its translation to another language can be very tricky! So why not let us get this right, the old Chinese way?

On a brief explanation, the Bagua is a method developed by the Feng Shui Masters to serve as a tool to establish the Qi Map, in other words, the different energy sectors in a home or even in a place like a plot of land for example. The Bagua has eight sectors and each one is assigned a different compass direction among a few other important attributes.

The Wealth sector is just one of the eight different sectors and is located in the Southeast direction of the Bagua. The qualities related to that sector are not just about money wealth. Its main qualities are about growth and expansion and due to this it became known as the money wealth or prosperity sector. There is a good reason for that though, because if there is the opportunity for growth and expansion (the sector’s main attributes) then why not apply it for matters related to money? So that sector became mostly known as the Wealth sector which has proven itself right throughout time.

Now comes the most important part. Neither is the Wealth sector nor any of the other remaining seven sectors a “one size fits all” type of thing. One same energy sector can be located in a totally different space/room inside two or more different homes. In one home that sector can be in the kitchen, in other in the living room, or the bedroom, even in the bathroom, it depends on the facing direction of a property. Once the facing of a property is established, all the energy sectors within a place can be identified. In my opinion, this is one of the most crucial but also the most rewarding part of the Feng Shui. To learn in simple steps how to get the facing direction of your home, go to the guide that I put together to help you on this quest here: