Feng Shui The Outside of your Home Matters

The focus of the science of Feng Shui is on the exterior of a home before it even gets to the inside of it.

Qi, or the “Cosmic energies”, being a natural occurrence, is generated from the interaction between mountains and water in a place where they both converge. Qi is then distributed accordingly throughout that area until it finds different places where it gathers before it finally enters the homes.

So Qi, or energy, is an outside phenomenon and not an inside one as most people think. Therefore, if the energy outside isn’t good, the energy inside the home cannot be good either. The explanation is indeed pretty simple. This is the reason why amulets, mantras or just decluttering and other things of the kind, will not do any real “fix” if they will even help at all, Feng Shui wise, I mean.

No matter what is done in the inside of a home, it will not serve any use (if the intention is to “create” or “change” the energy) if whatever goes on in the outside is not first addressed and taken care of. It is the contrary for us Humans, that in order for us to change what is on the outside we need to first address the issues in the inside of us. In the science of Feng Shui, since that the process is the other way around, it means that our external environment is a living thing, with all the good and the bad, and that consideration must be given to it first before we direct our attention towards the interior of our home.

I want to emphasize that I am not against a nice, tastefully decorated home, nor even the process of decluttering by sorting out what is no longer needed or to even placing whatever type and size of Oriental ornaments and figurines around the house. Actually I myself practice this all, as it is a very good thing to do, there is a profound reward that this brings which is the feeling of well-being when it comes to the mind and the spirit, plus, being organized by ridding of clutter can only benefit us immensely in many ways. I totally advocate doing so! What I want to explain is that none of the above can be used as a means to “create” the energy that we desire in our environment as Qi cannot be created with things. It can be transformed though, but we need to first know what type and quality of Qi (or energy) are in the outside of our home so that we are able to use it for our benefit if it is good and to avoid it even transform it if it is not so good. Only then, all the d├ęcor, figurines, decluttering, even the incense or the candles, mantras and everything else can be enjoyed to their fullest as the positive result will be truly effective and even maximized.

So what do the teachings of Feng Shui give the most importance to when it comes to the external environment? Natural landforms like mountains and water formations such as lakes, rivers and more of the kind, among other features. In urban environments where most of us nowadays live, these features are usually non-existent so buildings and roads play such roles. Recognizing the different kinds of these features and identifying the different types and qualities of Qi that come with each one of them, along with the impact (good or bad) that they can have over a specific dwelling in their proximity is yet another long topic to cover in case I happen to do so.