Feng Shui Yin & Yang Female & Male

And this is what Feng Shui really is about. It’s all about balance!

In the Chinese Metaphysics point of view, it all starts with Yin and Yang, the two opposite forces that complement each other to generate life and balance. Everything in and around us is about balance and so is the main purpose of Feng Shui. Whatever is balanced in us and in an energetic level, its positive effects will eventually manifest in our physical plane. So, balance is the key to happiness in life, because if there is balance, there has to be harmony! It can’t be another way.

So where do Yin and Yang come from?

From the Tai Ji, also known as Tai-Chi, Yin and Yang are created. Very popular in Chinese culture, it symbolizes the Universe, balance, and harmony. The Tai Ji is represented by the design of a full circle in which the interior shows a wavy line cutting across it, forming two equally divided halves, one half colored black, and the other white, to depict two opposite forces. The center of the main circle represented by a dot symbolizes the existence created within the nothingness in the Universe. The main circle in where this dot is, known as the Wu Ji, represents emptiness in a whole or in the Universe before life is created.

To conclude, Yin & Yang is what the Chinese Metaphysics bases on. In other words, Yin & Yang is the backbone of the Classical Feng Shui and of all other areas that form the Chinese Metaphysical Science.

In the beginning, emptiness was all that there was. Within the nothingness, existence came to be: Tai-Chi (or the Universe), which then gave birth to Yin and Yang, the two creative forces.