Feng Shui What it Really is

If there is one subject or thing among a few others that are totally twisted around on what it really is about or how it functions, that one thing for me is the science of Feng Shui! This sad occurrence does not only happen in our Western world so you know that I am not trying to bash but also, as a possible surprise to many people who may happen to read this, the original Feng Shui is misunderstood even by the majority (especially the newest generation) of people in the very same land, in China, where it once originated, over two thousand years ago. But I am not going to focus on what is happening on the other side of the planet now, since that I am right here in the North American continent where my life currently revolves around.

The Feng Shui that most of us hear about here in our Western world, made its way to our continent during the “hippies” era back in the ’70s. This very complex science, departing as such from its old Masters’ land in the East and traveling to the West sadly enough, was very rapidly and almost completely transformed to fit into the ways of those joining the “New Age” movement. So the NEW type of Feng Shui emerged and its new “teachings” propagated all the way up to our present days.
For example, if I ask you to tell me what Feng Shui is, with almost complete certainty I expect an answer something like this: “It is the art of placement…” or “It is about what Chinese objects you should get and where in the house you should place them to attract or even to dispel such and such…” or “It is about decluttering, getting rid of stuff or to simply hide them in closets so you will not see them…” etc. Well, the original Feng Shui has nothing to do with any of those ideas!

The original Feng Shui that was developed by the old Masters over two millennia ago has absolutely no relation with superstition, objects and amulets, deities, furniture, and things, and is not a religion nor even a cult. It is way more complex and serious than any of those and it does deserve its true respect. It is a science. Let’s say, a Metaphysical science, even a Philosophy. A science revolving around Nature, Energy, and the Cosmos that when learned correctly and applied, can really change lives, just like the discovery of electricity which paved the way for inventions such as the light bulb, the radio, the microwave, the computer, and much more, you name it! Back in the days when none of those existed, did most of the people even believe they could? Off course not, not even in their wildest dreams, except for an extremely limited number of those who were bold enough to think out of the box, the same type of people who made possible the computer that you are using to read this right now.

No wonder why in China the use of the Feng Shui was limited to the Emperor and his closest family members, as well as to a selected few among its high-rank officials and to nobody else, until only recently, about one century ago, with the fall of the Chinese Dynasty, when it was finally “released” for the use for and by the common people. That was because most educated individuals understood the power of this science by experiencing the results. Having been those people directly linked to the circle within the royal palace, this science was held as one of their most valuable treasures and not allowed to be shared or even divulged to the outside world.

Now that you have a small clarification of what the original Feng Shui is, next time that you hear or read something like “the far left of your house is the "Wealth corner" and you should place this or that there…”, well, I am happy if this works for you, however, your friend's or your neighbor's "wealth sector" in their home is more likely different from yours and none of all the parties may even be in the "far left corner" of the house. This being said, the "one size fits all" kind of idea does NOT really work when it comes to Feng Shui, as although this science seems to be simple and even fun, it is indeed a lot more complex than it appears.

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